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Finding support for a safe and healthy path forward

Backed by years of research and testing, the free, private and secure iHEAL app helps Canadian women who have experienced abuse from a current or past partner to find personalized ways to stay safe and be well.

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Each woman is unique… and all deserve to be healthy and safe

The iHEAL app will help you find ways to stay safe and be well that fit for you, including links to local resources.

Women’s safety, health and well-being in women’s hands

iHEAL works on your phone, tablet or computer and can be used once, or often - when and where you need it.

Any woman can benefit from the app

95% of women said they would recommend iHEAL to other women

I found this very helpful because it was non-judgmental. Like there were no excuses, but it wasn’t attacking, it was just do it, go through it and then look at what you are left with, just look at it.

It was like somebody was there with me …. but it still allowed me to come to those decisions on my own. ... It was more powerful in the end than listening to someone say ‘well you know that’s really not love.'

A helpful tool for health and social service providers

A helpful tool for health and social service providers

iHEAL was designed and tested with diverse women’s needs and concerns in mind – from managing their, and their children’s, immediate safety, to looking for ways to improve their health and lives over time.

Providers can introduce the iHEAL app to women as a resource to use on their own or walk through the app (or parts of it) with women. 

Whether providing support to women in person or virtually, the iHEAL app can complement or extend the work you do!

Service providers can use the iHEAL app in many ways:

  • help women assess their risk of serious violence using the Danger Assessment©†, and then make a plan for safety
  • encourage women to consider how violence is affecting their health, well-being, and relationships with others - and identify some ways of addressing their concerns using the many topics in the app
  • explore resources and services that could be helpful to women using links provided in the app that can be saved for easy access
  • provide an immediate response to women who have identified that they are experiencing violence, including those who are waitlisted for services
  • provide a resource for women to use on their own over time when formal programs or services are coming to an end
  • find credible information about issues that are important to women experiencing violence but that fall outside their expertise
  • and much more …

† Copyright Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN, 2003; updated 2019; available from: www.dangerassessment.com

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